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New Education App Gets a Million Dollar Capital Investment

The newest education app is now up and running. Gojimo touts itself as an all in one learning application for studying. The app is part of the genius of George Burgess, who started his first company, EducationApps Ltd at the age of 17 in 2009. The product started out as a series of stand-alone applications.

In the interim, Burgess went on to Stanford University in California only to drop out after three semesters. He said that he wanted to focus on his startup. Shortly afterward Burgess began to consolidate all of his previous apps into the Gojimo app. The initial version of this application was released in January of 2014.

Index Ventures looked ahead to the potential for this product and injected $1 million worth of seed capital into Gojimo on hopes of the application gaining ground among students in both the UK and the US. Index Ventures convinced JamJars Investment to join in the million-dollar enterprise. There are plans to expand the application beyond the UK and US markets at some point. Index Ventures specializes in information technology and life sciences companies throughout the EU and US.

As of now Burgess has landed some big hitters in the textbook publishing business including Pearson, McGraw-Hill, and Oxford University Press. The Gojimo app allows students to access relevant textbooks aligned to their particular coursework. Apple attempted this venture a couple of years ago to go with textbooks online through iBooks. Gojimo hopes to take this app to another level as Burgess moves to develop his app in the coming months.

The plan is to make Gojimo an all in one application for students, teachers, and learning institutions. Students will be able to access content from the world’s leading textbook publishers. Students will be able to access study guides and online quizzes from content publishers.

Slated for release in March of 2014, students who have the same class will be able to read announcements and complete assignments in an online environment provided that the teacher of the course is using the application. Gojimo plans to release the social aspect of the platform that will allow students to communicate and collaborate with each other. Burgess said he wants the app to be engaging to students and envisions gamifying the program so students will also be able to challenge each other with quizzes. He sees students keeping track of successes with a posted leader board.

As of right now the Gojimo app is available in the Apple App Store. It requires that the user has iOS 7.0 or greater installed. Devices currently supported are the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The app itself is free, and there are dozens of in-app purchase opportunities for textbooks, quizzes, and study guides. The test preparation materials are geared more for the UK student audience at the present but with any hope this will expand to the US market nicely.

Gojimo should be ready for the Android market in September of 2014, hopefully in time for the start of the school year. But like anything else, great adventures take time to unravel.

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